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Summer 2014Bully - Sep. 25, 2014 at 13:18 EET

This year the Catch-22 trip was to Sicily in Italy. Acolyte, Bully, merlin1991 and Yokiitaja mett at Catania airport and drove around Sicily for more than 1400 kilometers with Luigi (Fiat 500L). People enjoyed the trip a lot and also Birra Moretti turned out to be better than expected. Next year was already discussed and it seems that the 6 years old tradition will continue in the future as well.

For 2015 there are already plans for yet another cabin trip. That would already be the part III for conventions in Finland.

SpOOky in Finland Part IIBully - Mar. 27, 2014 at 08:32 EET

For the second year in a row SpOOky visited Finland. It has to be the lack of proper wood sauna in England why he likes Finland so much. This time the ice was not too thick and we managed to cut a hole in the ice and SpOOky also enjoyed some ice swimming. There were also Acolyte, Bully, Dragoon, jpma and Yökiitäjä at the cabin. Also one quest joined us, HappyBunny was introduced to the wicked ways of Catch-22. Going to post some pictures to the forums again and by request they can be made available for others as well.

I think everyone had fun and there is more to follow...

A New HopeBully - Feb. 12, 2014 at 14:44 EET

Spring is coming and bringing new hope. For a while we have missed a FPS game to play but now quite few have returned to the genre to play Insurgency. It is much too early to say how well the game will deliver but even just playing together has revived old memories.

Second cabin tour in Finland has also been confirmed. Spooky will be arriving to Finland in the end of March. Unfortunatelly it seems he will be alone in Sauna with 5 to 7 NAKED Fins!

Year 2013Bully - Jan. 02, 2014 at 20:50 EET

On the gaming front not much happened in 2013. People have played various games but lacking a clan game, almost everybody is starting to miss sitting evenings in TS.

After the Convention 4 people had too fresh memories of the horrors that happen in Sauna, so only 3 took part in the autumn trip. There were just Acolyte, Bully and merlin1991 driving around Hungary, Slovakia and Austria; drinking all the Arany Aszok available.

For 2014 there are already plans for yet another convention in Finland. It is still too early to say if it will happen but at least some sort of a trip is being prepared this year too.

Catch-22 Convention Episode 4: FinlandBully - Mar. 31, 2013 at 18:06 EET

After five days of snow, sauna and skiing the invasion force including SpOOky, SmuRf and merlin1991 departed from Oulu and headed back home. Both sides suffered quite a lot of injuries and casualties including equipment in ditches, painful legs and shoulder, swollen eye and a sore butt; to mention few.

At most there was 7 Catch-22ers: Acolyte, Bully, jpma, Yökiitäjä, SpOOky, SmuRf and merlin1991. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and hopefully the next time we meet is just around the corner.

Pictures and videos from the trip are available in the forums. May also be shown to "outsiders" if requested.